The 200 Club is so named because up to 200 numbered tokens are placed in a drum on the last Friday of the month for 10 consecutive months. Three winners are pulled from the drum on those nights with prizes totaling $1,000 per night; $500 for first, $300 for second and $200 for third. Only 200 tokens exist, at the cost of $100 each and unsold tokens are NOT placed in the drum.

A token is pulled, read aloud and awarded a prize and then placed back in the drum for the next spin. This process is continued until three tokens have been selected and announced. Those individuals buying one or more "numbers"  prior to the first drawing in March are guaranteed 30 chances to win a prize. Those joining after March have their entry fee pro-rated based upon the number of drawings that have already taken place.                                                                                                                    

Those who have joined the 200 Club for the full 2018 season are eligible to purchase additional numbers the night of the drawing for $10 each, good for that drawing only. Those not currently full season members may also purchase additional numbers for $20 each, depending upon the availability of unsold numbers.

You need not be a member of the Sacandaga Snowmobile Club to participate in the 200 Club. "Numbers" may be given as gifts and there is no requirement to be present at the drawing to win. Contact Chris Waite now (518-863-1113) to renew your current token number for 2018 or switch to an unclaimed number if one is available.  Send check to

Chris Waite, 838 S Shore Rd, Northville, NY 12134


To All the 2017 200 Club "WINNERS"

Winners of the March Drawing

1st place # 70 Dave Garrity

2nd place # 56 John Barton 

3rd place # 196 Martha Dietrich

Winners of the April Drawing

1st place # 161 Linda Palatucci

2nd place # 151 Kip Richardson

3rd place # 17 Donna Metzger

Winners of the May Drawing

1st place # Roland Falkena

2nd place # Kim Bovee

3rd place # Samantha Clark

Winners of the June Drawing

1st place # 46 John VanHeusen

2nd place # 143 Chris Waite

3rd place # 80 Dave Golden

Winners of the July Drawing

1st place # 42 Ruka Whitney

2nd place # 110 Janet Mitchell

3rd place # 200 Don Davies

Winners of the August Drawing

1st place # 147 Ed Waldo

2nd place # 89 Mike Ward

3rd place # 32 Glenn & Ben

Winners of the September Drawing

1st place # 26 A J Gardiner

2nd place # 8 Rick Fralick

3rd place # 197 Shawn Ward

Winners of the October Drawing

1st place # 179 Ed Bailey

2nd place # 65 John Kane

3rd place # 79 Wally & Jackie

Winners of the November Drawing

1st place # 164 Renee Mackey

2nd place # 164 Mark Wellman

3rd place # 183 Bill Ebert

Winners of the December Drawing

1st place # 1 Tom Wood

2nd place # 30 Deneen Krom

3rd place # 181 Scott Plemeik


Attention! it's time to purchase your 200 Club number for 2018 as the 1st drawing is on Friday, March 30, 8pm at the Placid Pines Pub.

 Contact  Chris Waite  at 518-863-1113

838 South Shore Road  

Edinburg, New York 12134

We Appreciate Your Support as this is our only fund raiser of the year and we use these funds to purchase and maintain the grooming equipment that we use to maintain the trails.