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The 200 Club is so named because up to 200 numbered tokens are placed in a drum on the last Friday of the month for 10 consecutive months. Three winners are pulled from the drum on those nights with prizes totaling $1,000 per night; $500 for first, $300 for second and $200 for third. Only 200 tokens exist, at the cost of $100 each and unsold tokens are NOT placed in the drum. It DOES NOT cost $200 to join the 200 Club.

A token is pulled, read aloud and awarded a prize and then placed back in the drum for the next spin. This process is continued until three tokens have been selected and announced. Those individuals buying one or more "numbers"  prior to the first drawing in March are guaranteed 30 chances during the year for each number. Those joining after March have their entry fee pro-rated based upon the number of drawings that have already taken place.                                     

You need not be a member of the Sacandaga Snowmobile Club to participate in the 200 Club. "Numbers" may be given as gifts and there is no requirement to be present at the drawing to win. Contact Chris Waite now (518-863-1113) to renew your current token number for 2020 or switch to an unclaimed number if one is available.  Send your check to:

Chris Waite, 838 S Shore Rd, Northville, NY 12134 (518) 863-1113 and make it payable to the Sacandaga Snowmobile Club.


To the 2019 "WINNERS"

Winners of the 2020 March Drawing

1st place #097 Lou Lanzi

2nd place #086 Dawn Feurenzo

3rd place #177 Craig Thomas


Winners of the 2019 March Drawing

1st place # 70 David Garrity

2nd place # 95 Dave Hornberger 

3rd place # 182 Michael Colodner

Winners of the 2019 April Drawing

1st place # 55 Donna & Jim Metzger

2nd place # 139 Kim Bovee  

3rd place # 91 (temp) Kim Bovee

Winners of the 2019 May Drawing

1st place # 79 Wally & Jackie Robataille

2nd place # 15 John Blinstrub

3rd place # 123 Joe Keyrouse

Winners of the 2019 June Drawing

1st place # 189 Wayne Carter

2nd place # 110 Janet Mitchell

3rd place # 183 Bill Ebert

Winners of the 2019 July Drawing

1st place # 183 Bill Ebert

2nd place # 71 Shawn Marco

3rd place # 27 Don & Christina Seibert

Winners of the 2019 August Drawing

1st place # 56 Kim Bovee

2nd place # 62 Sandy Mahr

3rd place # 88 Mark Hopkins

Winners of the 2019 September Drawing

1st place # 188 Greg Snyder

2nd place # 110 Janet Mitchell

3rd place # 111 Richard & Margaret Snyder

Winners of the 2019 October Drawing

1st place # 128 Jake Harper & Joyce Callahan

2nd place # 190 Ron Lasher

3rd place # 49 Tom Varian

Winners of the 2019 November Drawing

1st place # 170 Carl Ward

2nd place # 76 John Ward

3rd place # 25 Bill Mackey

Winners of the 2019 December Drawing

1st place # 75 Bill Taylor

2nd place # 40 Hunter (Steve) Burns

3rd place # 125 Donna & Brian Novotny