Trail Report

3/29/19 -  Sad to say, the season is pretty much over. All of the local clubs have closed their trails due to warm weather and vanishing snow. No good thing lasts forever but we can be thankful for a pretty good snowmobile season this past winter. There are serious plans underway to make some major improvements to the existing club trails this summer and if things go as we hope, we may have an exciting new trail to offer come next winter. Thank you to all who worked to groom our trails and keep them in great condition in spite of challenges brought on by Mother Nature. Thank you also to our club members who registered their sleds early and helped us cover expenses. 

3/02/19 - All trails are open and were groomed last night/early this morning.

2/20/19 - All trails have been groomed. The light rain is not expected to hurt conditions.

2/16/19 - 11:00 AM Trails are open and conditions are good. It is going to be a busy weekend so use care on the trails. Watch out for oncoming sleds and give the right-of-way to groomers. There is a fishing contest in progress on the lake so steer wide of fishing sites.

2/13/19 - 6:30 PM  We received some much needed snow last night and it is still snowing lightly here in Edinburg with snow showers expected tonight and tomorrow morning.  Temps should stay below freezing all day Thursday making it a great day for snowmobiling.

2/11/19 - 10:00 AM  Sacandaga trails are open but riders should use great caution. The base is rock hard with numerous spots of exposed dirt and ice. Similar to conditions on the lake, very little lubrication is provided for your sled. Should tomorrow's storm bring snow, please watch out for our groomers as they work to improve conditions. 

2/5/19 - 9:00 PM All Sacandaga trails are closed due to warm temperatures and rain. Current conditions do not allow grooming and riding the trail will harm the existing base beyond repair. Trails will be reopened as soon as weather conditions permit.

1/29/19 - 9:00 AM Once again snowing steadily here and the forecast is for at least 8 inches of new, dry snow, followed by brutal cold. Our winter storm warning is in effect until 4 AM Wednesday morning. Give the groomers a chance to deal with the new snow early Wednesday.

1/27/19 - 11:00 AM Snowing steadily here in Edinburg, hard enough to limit visibility on the lake. Expected to last 4 to 5 hours with periods of heavier snow and wind.

1/26/19 - 4:00 PM  The rain from Thursday was not as damaging as expected. It served to pack the snow which then froze and provided a good strong base. Groomers have since smoothed the trails and filled ruts. Be advised, this is not a fluffy snow that lubricates your sled and helps cool the engine. Overheating is a possibility - scratchers will help. The lake is also nearly bare of snow and the same cautions apply.

  • Trail S80C-Turner Road - snow cover is good for the entire trail. The lower portion of the trail near the lake is rough. It's not the snow, its the terrain. You should not be accessing this trail from the lake so skip the lower part of the trail if you can.
  • Trail S80 and beyond - There are only a few icy spots on the Richter's Trail portion of S80 but you need to take care when crossing some wet areas where storm runoff crosses the trail.
  • Trail S80B - The trail to Horsehill Road (Lost Diamond) is currently closed. Plans are to open it when we get more snow.
1/24/19 RAIN RAIN RAIN It is making the trails mushy and the lake even more treacherous than it already was. Please pray for cold weather and give our goomers a chance to fix the trails after the snow gets hard.

1/23/19   The trail to Turner Road (S80C) has been groomed and is in good condition.  The main trail (S80) from Bayshore Park to the Mulleyville connection has been groomed and is in good condition. The trail to Horsehill Road (S80B) is not open at this time. We hope to have it opened by sometime next week.

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