Final Meeting Minutes


Sacandaga Snowmobile Club

March 7, 2020

Placid Pines Pub

Attendance:     34 members

The meeting was called to order by Club President Chris Waite at 9:31 a.m.

The previous meeting minutes were read by Ellen Taylor. Motion to accept by Sue Safarik, and seconded by Wally Robataille. Motion to accept February 2020 minutes approved.


The Treasurer’s Report was given by Corinne Ricciardi. She noted that the Winter Party profited $100 after expenses, not including merchandise sales. Motion to accept by Jackie Robataille, and seconded by Donna Novotny. Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report approved.


Committee Reports:

200 Club

Chris Waite reported that he has collected the money for 87 numbers. He only has 3 weeks left to collect the rest before the first drawing.



Chris Waite reported that they sold about $1800 in merchandise at the winter party. There are still a lot of items left to sell. He said that Wendy is looking for someone to take over the merchandise.


Super Raffle

Chris Waite reminded everyone that the tickets need to be turned in by the April meeting. Sales have not been as good as last year.



Donna Novotny reported that we have 355 registered members.


Trail Report

Al Sofen said we had a short season, only about 3 weeks. There was a lot of work done clearing debris from the trails by a small group of volunteers. Grooming went very well. The one Skandic broke down and will need to be repaired.

Jay Sterns said that he and Al Sofen did a lot of the grooming. Some of the people that had signed up were not available to help groom. He said that John Ward and Bill Taylor came to help out with work on a regular basis. He stressed the need for another vehicle to access the trails when there isn’t enough snow for sleds. The coordination of the grooming with Mulleyville went very well.


Winter Party

Ellen Taylor reported the party was a success. We had a lot of volunteers and the weather was great. There was a big turnout.


New Business:

Election results

85 ballots were cast: all board members were re-elected

                                     79 in favor of the merge

                                     6 against the merge

The merge was approved.


Chris Waite reported that the election held by Mulleyville on the merge was 98% in favor.

Bruce Wadsworth (Mulleyville President) said that there is a board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 10 at Tinny’s for the current officers of both clubs. At that meeting Bruce will present the structure of the new board and ballots will be sent out via email for voting.


He said he has also been talking with the Charlton and Galway clubs on merging. Bruce said that he will not be running for president of the new club. He will be taking over for the county president but would still like to have a position on the new board of the merged clubs.


Chris Waite stated that he was resigning as Sacandaga Club  president effective immediately. He said he will continue to take care of the 200 Club and assist in any way he can with the merger of the two clubs.


Jim Borgart made a motion to appoint Bob Campbell to be the interim president, Scott Todd 2nd the motion and the motion was accepted.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Jim Bogart, and seconded by Al Sofen. Motion was accepted and the meeting was adjourned at 10:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Ellen Taylor (secretary)


Officers are as follows:

President-Chris Waite                           Present

Vice President- Susan Safarik                Present           

Secretary-Ellen Taylor                           Present

Corr. Secretary-Donna Novotny              Present

Treasurer-Corinne Ricciardi                   Present

Trail Master- Al Sofen                           Present