Meeting Minutes


Minutes prior to January 2020  have been removed from the website in order to save server space on the club website. Members interested in any of those minutes should contact the club recording secretary.

Sacandaga Snowmobile Club

January 4, 2020

Placid Pines Pub

Attendance:   12 members

The meeting was called to order by Club President Chris Waite at 9:36 AM.

The previous meeting minutes were read by Peggy Elmendorf. Motion to accept was made by Jay Stearns and seconded by Jim Bogert. Motion to accept the December 2019 minutes was approved.


The Treasurer’s Report was given by Corinne Ricciardi. Motion to accept was made by Donna Novotny and seconded by Sue Safarik. The report was accepted and approved.


Committee Reports:

200 Club:

Chris Waite reported the club took in $19,400 with the yearly numbers sold and what was sold at the drawings.



Wendy Clark does not plan to order additional apparel prior to the Winter Party now that she has sufficient green long sleeve shirts. She hopes to sell more at the Club Winter Party.


Supper Raffle:

Our club sales have not been good. All members should try to sell the $5 tickets, of which $2.50 is returned to our club. Tickets can be obtained from Chris or Wendy. The drawing is April 25, 2020.


Business Sponsors:

Our business sponsors are shown on the new 2019-2020 Sacandaga and Mulleyville Snowmobile Club maps which were distributed at the meeting and are available locally.


Winter Party:

The Sacandaga Snowmobile Club Winter Party will be on Sunday February 16, 2020 between Placid Pines and Ponderosa Pines from noon to dusk. The club will supply hamburgers, hot dogs and chips. Please bring an appetizer, side dish, salad, or dessert to share. All are welcome.


Correspondence and Membership:

Donna Novotny reported we have 276 members to date and the number will increase as the snowmobiling season kicks in and more riders register their sleds. Donna requested that the monthly meeting notes be posted on the club website. Chris agreed to do so, made a motion and Jim Bogart seconded it.


Trail Report:

Al Sofen reported that he and Jay Stearns, armed with chain saws and loppers, cleared most club trails of the trees downed during the ice storm. The mountain was badly hit. The new drain pipes are working perfectly. However, there is still standing water and mud in other sections. Ed James finished working on the wiring to the Tucker; the lights are working and it is running well. The machines are ready to go when the weather gets colder and it snows. Al asked if pictures of the repair work can be posted on Facebook. Chris will ask Wendy to do so.


The Sacandaga Snowmobile Club maintains 16 miles of trails and the Mulleyville Club maintains about 51 miles.


New Business:

Chris expressed thanks to Al Sofen, Jay Stearns and all who are helping us with the trails, including the Mulleyville Club members. The S80 Lost Diamond trail will be labeled as “Rough Trail”. There are 2 bad spots which will be worked on next summer. Chris said Allison of the DEC has been helping us with trail improvements.


The merger with the Mulleyville Snowmobile Club is still in the discussion stage. Both clubs are working on achieving a 501(c)3 charitable corporation status with the IRS.  The process could take years. Bob Campbell of the Sacandaga Lake Business Association spoke about the process and the benefits. He is working with attorney Michael Poulin who reportedly will be calling the Sate Department concerning this.


There will be a new snowmobile trail to the lake off of Mason Road. There are still a couple of private landowners who have not yet agreed to let the trail cross their property.


Installing a Sacandaga Snowmobile Club web cam was discussed, possibly at Sport Island Pub.


Chris proposed we adopt new by-laws similar to those of the Mulleyville Club. The last time the current by-laws were reviewed was in 2008. Donna made a motion to accept and John Norman seconded it. The changes will be sent to those present to review and after 21 days they will be voted on at the next meeting


The election of Club officers will take place at the March club meeting.


Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be on Saturday February 8th at 9:30 AM at Placid Pines.


A motion to adjourn was made by Jeff Fonda and seconded by Jim Bogert. Motion was accepted and the meeting ended at 10:45 AM.


Respectfully submitted,


Peggy Elmendorf (substitute secretary)



Officers are as follows:

President-Chris Waite                           Present

Vice President- Susan Safarik              Present          

Secretary-Ellen Taylor                           Absent

Corr. Secretary-Donna Novotny          Present

Treasurer-Corinne Ricciardi                 Present

Trail Master- vacant